Winter Life

forest-1950402_1920Winter is in its full glory now, and some of us are starting to have moments urging us to escape to the sun and the sea, even though we may not be able to. Ever wonder why the urge is so powerful?

A large part of the answer is that we are bio-organisms that need the sun. We draw minerals and vitamins from sunlight, but more so our biological systems are programmed through exposure to the light, creating natural rhythms that affect our overarching well-being. The sun provides building blocks for our body to convert light into vitamins, such as Vitamin D. We are just beginning to learn more and more about these kinds of essential processes that are a direct result of the sun, yet we still only hear about a fraction of what our body converts to our benefit during daytime exposure.

Then there is the sea, deep ocean nutrients, and vibrancy. Deep-sea water has a similar composition to the amniotic fluid which surrounds the fetus during pregnancy. It is the perfect environment for building new young, vital cells. It has intelligence and the same coded DNA language we do. We are made up of twelve different types of salts that keep us balanced, strong and healthy. So your desire for the sun and sea in the depths of winter is your body’s desire for balance, strength, and well-being.

Our connection to the natural world is bigger than we often recognize. The quality and supply of the food and nutrients we consume, the products we place on our skin, even the water we drink – it all works together to fuel our bodies, affecting the quality of our health, our being and our state of mind. Bringing all of these into the model of seasonal and circadian living, in other words living life in tune with the changing rhythms of light and dark and seasonal shifts, is the best support we can give our bodies as we interact with the natural world.

Be cautious of synthetics. Artificial creams create damage, put simply they do not speak the same language as our DNA. Our body sees them as toxic intruders, putting our skin and our whole systems on alert to protect. Products that use these as fillers do so because synthetic creams are cheap, but are they worth the still unknown risks of long-term use? Alternatively, seek products that source the highest quality natural and eco-conscious ingredients and practices. Use products that contain zero fillers, bases, perfumes, chemicals, synthetics or parabens. Use formulas that are never animal tested, and are safe for you, your family, your pets and the earth.

Winter Serum Complex™So, if you cannot find enough sunlight to enjoy, or get to the sea in these chilly winter months – then bring the sun and the sea to you.

Here is the sun: Maximize on the daylight available during the short days of winter. Replace your SPF creams or makeup with the Replete Winter Serum Complex. The seasonal serum promotes maximum benefits from sunlight contact for the skin to convert needed vitamin D and other much-needed vitamins, minerals, and light. With time, it will build resilience back into your skin that you had during your youth. It is important to know that building healthy, resilient skin is the only way to reveal your vibrant, youthful glow. Shift your focus to restoring your natural balance and allowing your skin to have the best support possible.

Rejuvenating Mist™

Here is the sea: The Replete Rejuvenating Mist is deep ocean water containing what our body needs when building new cells. It is the closest water compound to the amniotic fluid we are born in, fueling regeneration and restoration. Spraying it on your entire body gives you minerals to rebuild and restore. It keeps your clothes clean, without grease or smells. It is absorbed into the skin assisting in keeping you looking and feeling your best.

Embrace the change – find your way leading a life that restores your youthful self. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Enjoy the adventure of being brave and trying something new and exciting, and most of all, enjoy the seasons!

Embracing Change

Exploring Change Relative To Your Commitments for Starting A New Year

The way to success lies in apprehending and giving actuality to the way of the universe, which, as a law running through end and beginning, brings about all phenomena in time. Thus, each step attained forthwith becomes a preparation for the next. Time is no longer a hindrance, but the means of making actual what is potential. ― Tao

I love this quote, as it explores our dynamic with change, our ability to shift how we move in the direction of our potential, in the direction of thriving. It all begins with change, how we approach it, how we enter it and how we emerge, revived and strong, on the other side. Let’s explore change…

Change is solely based on the principles of polarity with positive and negative charges.

Seasonal Tip: Get to know yourself first by being completely honest by recognizing if what you want, what you say, and what you do are the same.
Reconcile all three to be the same; express what you want and do it.

1. Intelligent Choices

Creating new habits around the way we live, love, participate in, or experience our lives is a multifaceted prospect. Fortunately, every aspect has many areas that compound the positives of making those choices every step of the way. Courage is needed, and then the choice must be made, and once it is, you are on your way to implementing positive changes in your life. At face value, it may look strange and unfamiliar. It is best not to act in haste and reject the possibility of something new when it presents itself. A shift will occur, and you will begin to notice that people will have a different response to you; your behavior and attitude will assume a new position, and you will learn and experience a more harmonious life.

You cannot fear what you do not use… there is no need to be fearful of the natural world because there is usually an antidote.

2. Happiness is a Choice – Choose It

Change is not difficult. It is our resistance to change that creates the difficulty. When you finally come to the point of recognizing that you need to make changes, this realization could have come about in many ways and at many levels for anyone. For some people, it takes the most extreme amount of pressure. They may have to lose their families, their jobs, their money, or worst of all, their health. Often, it is only at this extreme moment that they begin to accept the fact they need to make a shift. Only when they have finally been diagnosed with cancer or some other life-threatening ailment, or have hit emotional and financial rock bottom, are they forced to see the light. You do not need to wait that long. You can take a moment to recognize what you already know intuitively and begin to address those issues right now.

Willingness to Change for the better = Optimal Living = Optimal Health

3. Courage Comes From Willpower Rooted In Faith

Elisabeth Thieriot's Holiday Party: New Year's Party

Photo by Drew Altizer

With the two together, you can accomplish anything and become all that is within reach of your potential for an exceptional life. I have found that what helps me most to change behaviors and habits is focusing on the benefits that will arise from the change. For example, I know that after I workout, I feel energized. I love how it creates a positive attitude towards my work, my surroundings, and sense of well-being. I have the stamina to deal with daily problems much better than on the days I do not exercise. I know that when I don’t have sugar or much caffeine, I feel great and look better without them. That gives me the satisfaction that I was able to make the right choices for myself, which is enough motivation to change or affect my behavior on a daily basis. Simply following through on good intentions, one by one, lets us reap their rewards.

Changing our beliefs starts with accepting the idea that we need to change what is not working for us and we will be better for making this change, as will all of those whose lives we affect.

When we implement the doctrine of taking preventative measures versus repairing the damage that has already been done, we are on our way to optimal life.

When we finally realize we need a change, we have taken a look at our internal operating system and found it to be lacking. What it takes to change becomes apparent. One step at a time, they say…

  • Recognizing our limiting
  • Willingness to
  • Taking action to
  • Creating an environment where change is
  • Creating a reward

Our ability to change depends on our willingness to minimize self-interference; we can listen quietly to our own self-talk and act accordingly. With seasonal living, you are being asked to tune into your environment, body, and emotional state, as well as the foods, cosmetics, and the people you come into contact with.

Through self-awareness, you can tune into what you already know, stop the interference, and make changes that will benefit your life physically, mentally, and emotionally. The first step, as mentioned earlier, is in our breath. We arrive in the world with our first breath, bringing ourselves present, and we leave after our last.

Our choices are decisions that turn into behaviors. When we redefine our core beliefs, we can begin to experience ourselves as healthy, happy, loving, fulfilled, and emotionally balanced. To change, we must keep our eyes on the prize. We make contracts with ourselves, and our agreements are based on our past experiences, where many decisions have been fear-based or based on the needs of our ego. By consolidating the two and recognizing that neither one is our friend, we can then come to a place where our decisions have a gentle outcome for us and those around us.

Keep in mind that weak decisions create a weak character, leading us to dislike ourselves.

4. Making a Contract

This is the place to make a contract with yourself and begin your journey. You spend most of your time with yourself. We have the power to become what we ultimately want to be.

With regard to our overall living experience and how we see the world, this can be challenging at times. Going back to chemical- free and natural living is the way we maintain our lives; there is a difference. For emergencies and accidents, Western medicine is the best: it’s miraculous at treating symptoms or life and death crises. However, Western medicine doesn’t give us the recipe to prevent the causes of illness or live well on a day-to-day basis. It doesn’t show us how to restore ourselves once something fails.

Once we have chosen a new direction and are committed to shifting our beliefs around health, the environment, and our actions, we can then carry them forward through application to our self- management of a lifestyle that embodies all that we possess and want to share with others.

Our Actions Lead Us to Habits and a Practice of Living

5. Understanding Our Habits and Practices Reduces Stress and Aging

When I become aware of myself, my environment, the season I am in, and of others, I can begin to understand my own place in the equation. I can now make room for change and realize that my health is the most important and truly the least expensive thing I have to maintain. This is when we must learn to ask ourselves before we do something if it will truly be good for us in the long run. We need to determine if a moment of instant pleasure is worth the long-term consequence.

I have adapted the system of this basic principle of what our needs are to achieve our potential and fulfillment. According to Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, there are four layers of needs (beyond our basic physiological need for survival) that must be addressed in order for a person to feel at ease and complete. When the four secondary needs are out of balance, there may be no obvious physical manifestation, but the person will feel anxious or tense. This is not exactly true; in extreme cases, where it is clear the body does change chemically, it causes the resulting emotional distress (despite a lack of obvious physical signs). The survival instinct will ensure fulfillment of the primary physiological needs before it will focus on the secondary needs.

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