Lip Restore™


Coats And Heals Lips And Cuticles

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Product Description

Lip Restore™ is a highly concentrated product with 95.85% active ingredients. 100% of the product is usable by the skin and will absorb without leaving any residue if following the suggested amount. With proper use should last for two months.

Our unique formula visibly restores the natural texture and elasticity of your lips by using nutrients that increase cell turnover. The remarkable composition of oils in the Lip Restore™ provides a powerful source of antioxidants, which builds a new layer of balanced skin that has healthy, youthful glow. Our potent formula helps prevent climatic damage to your lips and can be applied on the philtrum and upper lip to help reduce those vertical fine lines. The Lip Restore™ is also great for rebuilding revitalized cuticles. We invest in the highest Ecocert, vegan and non-animal tested raw materials.

An intensive, high-performing balm that hydrates, protects and rebuilds the lips while restoring fullness and softness.

  • Restores fullness and moisture to depleted lips
  • Protects from climatic impact
  • Smoothens and softens the contours of the lips
  • Can be applied to lips for instant comfort and protection
  • Ideal for use while flying, boating or biking
  • Great for moisturizing cuticles or for fast healing of minor paper cuts

95.85% moisturizing, soothing, healing crack lips

Ingredients: Proprietary Actives™

Apply to lips and cuticles once a week.

Use as needed. Apply at night, apply beyond and above the lip lines to reduce evening dryness and guard against fine lines that can develop around the mouth.

This product includes organic oils to reduce wrinkles, protect against aging, antibacterial and antifungal to soothe and bring forward restored and natural beautiful lips.